Questions and Answers

Q) How long before i get my plaque ?
    A) Delivery is though  AUSTRALIA POST and delivery time is 3-6 days from postage.

 Q) How long does it take to make my plaque ?
           A) From final confirmation on your design item are complete for shipping in 2- 3 days.

Q) Why Registered post ?
    A) It's always best to be safe and use registered post that way you can track where you item is and if by chance is does not make it , Its covered to the value of $50.

Q) Why use Aluminum ?
    A) Aluminum is light and hard wearing and at the end of its life expectancy it can be recycled .

Q) How thick is my plaque ?
    A) We mainly use a 2mm - 3mm thickness gauge plate & with the colour bond backing option the thickness ranges to 7-8 mm .

Q) How do I mount my plaque ?
    A) Plaque's come with double sided tape on the rear , we also recommend using small dobs of liquid nails to insure it becomes a permanent fixture , with the colour bond option screws ,cover and plugs are supplied.

Q) I don't like the font you have .
    A) The font or styles we have shown is just a small range - we have over 1000+ font and style types in stock , if you have one that you like ,supply me the name of style and we will find it .